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Sprinkler System Installation (or Expansion)

Customized to Your Preferences

The Green Lawn Sprinkler Company can custom design an automatic sprinkler system tailored to your landscape needs. Exact placement of sprinkler heads guarantee that your landscaping receives the proper amount of water. Our systems are designed with head to head coverage. 


An in ground lawn sprinkler system allows you the ability to water early in the morning when wind and evaporation are at their lowest points. Installing a programmable controller provides the option of watering on odd or even days allowing you to abide by town imposed water restrictions. A rain sensor will allow your system to shut itself off to save water.


The Green Lawn Sprinkler Company offers a full 2-year warranty on all irrigation installations, as well as 100% coverage on all of its installed systems.

How it Works

When you have made your decision and accepted our proposal, the installation process begins. The proposal is signed and an installation date is given.

  • You will receive four Dig Safe Premark flags by mail with a letter explaining where on your property to place these flags

  • Our office will notify Dig Safe seven days before the installation to obtain a permit number and request that any public underground utilities be marked.

  • Our office contracts a licensed plumber to make the main water source connection and install the back flow preventer. This is typically scheduled prior to the installation.

  • On the morning of the installation our field crew and foreman will go over the areas to be covered and the locations of the controller and rain sensor.

  • Underground pipe is installed using a Ditch Witch pipe puller which minimizes damage to your existing lawn. Trenching may be necessary for some of the underground pipe. The only other digging will be where heads and valves are located.  Any lawn damage that may occur will be groomed and re-seeded.

  • Valves are placed in valve boxes, which are installed at ground level. Access to the valve boxes is only necessary when service to your sprinkler system is required.

  • After the installation is complete, you will receive a visual diagram and full demonstration of your system. This includes how to operate and program the controller as well as how to adjust the rain sensor and sprinkler heads.

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