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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home for service?

Most of the time, the answer is no.  If we installed your irrigation system OR we know the location of the valve boxes in your yard, you do not need to be home so long as you have turned your irrigation water ON (Spring Start Up Service) or OFF (Fall Winterization) from the inside prior to our arrival.  If the irrigation water has been shut off due to a leak, you will need to be home to turn the water back on for us, or leave us access to the water supply.  Additionally, if you require programming changes to the controller, we must have access to the controller during our visit.

What is your service area?

We install and maintain lawn sprinkler systems throughout the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts and Southern NH. Our work includes commercial and residential sites, as well as parks, playgrounds and athletic fields.

We fertilize lawns in most Merrimack Valley towns in Massachusetts, but do NOT fertilize in New Hampshire.

When should I have my sprinkler system winterized?

As weather in New England is unpredictable, we recommend that you have your system winterized by the end of October.  During busy periods we book 2-3 weeks out, so please contact us to schedule your service by the end of September or early October.  While the water in your underground pipes does not freeze until the ground freezes solid, there are above ground components that can be damaged by a hard frost.

Do I need to have my sprinkler system winterized?

Yes! Winterization service is required in New England.  Service includes removing residual sprinkler system water from the underground pipes.  If water is left in the pipes, the water expands when it turns to ice and can break the pipes.

What is included in the Spring Start Up Service?

A professional Sprinkler System Startup will not only reduce water waste, but will save you money. If your sprinkler system isn’t operating properly, you’re wasting water that isn’t contributing to your lawn’s health. Our irrigation specialists will inspect and adjust your entire system including your controller (if provided access). They will adjust your sprinkler heads and controller settings to make sure you are getting the maximum coverage and minimum waste. They can even install rain shutoff sensors to keep your system from watering when it’s raining.

  • Charge system with water.

  • Test water pressure.

  • Operate each zone from controller (with access) or from in ground valves.

  •  Check each sprinkler head for proper operation and coverage.

  • Adjust and clean sprinkler heads as needed.

  • Adjust and set controller (with access)

Trucks are fully stocked for necessary replacements and repairs.

How do I turn my irrigation water on?

The irrigation water valve is typically located in the basement near your house water.  There may be a paper tag  identifying it as such.  The valve is usually a lever that makes a quarter of a turn.  If the lever is in line with the pipe that it is attached to, the valve is open.  If the lever crosses the pipe that it is attached to, the valve is shut.  Turn the lever slowly, taking about 5 full seconds to make the quarter of a turn.  It will be noisy as the water rushes into the system.  Once the lever is in line with the pipe and will turn no further, your water is on.  Next, check your backflow preventer outside to make sure that you do not have a leak.  The backflow preventer is usually located outside of the house foundation relatively close to where the water shut on/off is located.  It is metal and has a bell shaped top.  It is okay if the area around the backflow preventer is wet, but there should be no active dripping or leaking.  If so, turn off the irrigation water and call us at (978) 970-3900.  If you would like to water your lawn while waiting for us to arrive to check everything and make any necessary adjustments, set your controller to the RUN or ON position.

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