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Drip Irrigation

What is Drip (Micro) Irrigation?

Drip (or micro) irrigation refers to any water system that utilizes a slow moving supply of water that is released directly into the soil. This method allows for a more precise control of soil moisture, eliminates over spraying onto surrounding hard surfaces such as sidewalks and foundations, and can be extremely effective in areas concerned with water conservation. Drip irrigation within landscaping applications is most typically installed to water shrubs, trees, hedges, and foundation plantings.

One of the greatest advantages of drip irrigation is its high level of efficiency. With the move towards “green” consciousness, water conservation has become more popular across America, not just in arid regions. At an efficiency rating of over 90%, compared to a typical sprinkler system's rating of around 75%, a drip system will save a significant amount of water over time. 

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