A Drip Irrigation System in Chelmsford, MA




What is a drip irrigation system?

Drip-Irrigation - irrigation installation in Chelmsford, MA
Is there any real difference between drip irrigation and micro-irrigation? Why would I want to use this type of irrigation system? If these are questions you have asked yourself, keep reading for some answers.

Drip irrigation refers to any water system that utilizes a slow moving supply of water released slowly and directly to the soil. These methods allow a more precise control of soil moisture, eliminate over spraying onto surrounding hard surfaces such as sidewalks and foundations, and can be extremely effective in areas concerned with water conservation. A drip irrigation system for landscaping applications is most typically installed to water shrubs, trees, hedges, and foundation plantings. They can also be an effective method for delivering water to agricultural crops.
To some, there is a distinct difference between a drip irrigation system and a micro-irrigation system.  They would categorize all low-pressure methods of delivering water to the soil by any type of a “drip” method, whether by porous pipe or emitter tubes, as drip irrigation.  This would place any low-pressure spray or misting applications in the micro-irrigation category.  Others would refer to all of these methods as drip-irrigation, while even another, possibly more cutting edge, group would argue that drip irrigation is an out-dated term, and all forms should be called micro-irrigation.  I would argue that the term is irrelevant as long as you acquaint yourself with all of the possible options and the benefits of each.

One of the greatest advantages of any type of drip irrigation system is its high level of efficiency. With the move towards “green” consciousness, water conservation has become more popular across America, not just in the more arid regions. At an efficiency rating of over 90%, compared to a typical sprinkler system's rating of around 75%, a drip system will save a significant amount of water over time.

Whatever your reason for choosing any method of drip irrigation or a micro-irrigation system, you will have made a choice that will benefit you, the environment, and your plants. Just call Green Lawn Sprinkler Company today to get a FREE quote to install a drip irrigation or micro spray system that best fits your needs.