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The Green Lawn Sprinkler Company
Chelmsford, MA

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Installation, Expansion, Service and Repair

Service Area: Most Merrimack Valley and Southern NH Towns

Did you know that an automatic sprinkler system uses less water than a single lawn sprinkler? Not only are sprinkler systems more efficient, they are more convenient. The Green Lawn Sprinkler Company, Inc. can custom design an automatic sprinkler system tailored to your landscape needs. Exact placement of sprinkler heads guarantee that your landscaping receives the proper amount of water. Our systems are designed with head to head coverage. 

We guarantee 100% coverage on all of our installed systems. An in ground lawn sprinkler system allows you the ability to water early in the morning when wind and evaporation are at their lowest points. Installing a programmable controller provides the option of watering on odd or even days allowing you to abide by town imposed water restrictions. A rain sensor will allow your system to shut itself off to save water.

Lawn Fertilization

5-Step Program, Tick, Ant, Lime and Grub Treatments

Service Area: Most Merrimack Valley Towns

Why fertilize?  Just like humans need more nutrients than provided in water to survive, so does your lawn.  Feeding your lawn helps it to stay green and grow thick.  Maintaining a thick, lush lawn helps prevent weeds from sprouting and moving in.

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