Micro-Irrigation System in Chelmsford, MA



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The difference between a lawn sprinkler system and a micro-irrigation system is the following:
A sprinkler system is designed to deliver a large amount of water during a set period of time. This method often results in water run-off and overspray. At times, it may seem that the surrounding pavement actually receives more water than the intended plants.

In contrast, spray heads installed in a micro-irrigation system are designed to deliver less water at more frequent intervals, allowing water to spread slowly in a more lateral flow. The spil maintains a more uniform level of moisture, lessening the possibility of root rot. Micro-irrigation systems are best used for hanging plants or deck/window flower boxes.
Whatever your reason for choosing any method of drip irrigation or a micro-irrigation system, you will have made a choice that will benefit you, the environment, and your plants. Just call Green Lawn Sprinkler Company today to get a FREE quote to install a drip irrigation or micro-irrigation system that best fits your needs.