Irrigation Maintenance in Chelmsford, Massachusetts



Install the irrigation system that you've always wanted with The Green Lawn Sprinkler Company, Inc.'s irrigation and sprinkler service located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.


When you have made your decision and accepted our proposal, the installation process begins. The proposal is signed and an installation date is given.
  • You will receive four Dig Safe Premark flags by mail with a letter explaining where on your property to place these flags
  • Our office will notify Dig Safe seven days before the installation to obtain a permit number and request that any public underground utilities be marked.
  • Our office contracts a licensed plumber to make the main water source connection and install the back flow preventer. This is typically scheduled prior to the installation.
  • On the morning of the installation our field crew and foreman will go over the areas to be covered and the locations of the controller and rain sensor.
  • The pipe is installed using a Ditch Witch pipe puller. The Ditch Witch pulls the pipe underground with minimal damage to your existing lawn. Any damage that may occur will be repaired. In some cases trenching may be necessary. The only digging will be where heads and valves are located.
  • Valves are placed in valve boxes, which are installed at ground level. Access to the valve boxes will be necessary for service only.
  • After the installation is complete, you will receive a full demonstration and visual diagram of your system. This includes how to operate and program the controller as well as how to adjust the rain sensor and sprinkler heads.
We offer a full 2-year warrantee on all irrigation installations.
Sprinkler system - irrigation maintenance in Chelmsford MA


Customer satisfaction will always be our first priority. Putting our customers first has allowed our customer base to grow to over 5,000 in number. With prompt and courteous service, our expertise in the irrigation field and competitive pricing, we have been able to keep our customers very happy.
Our office is in constant radio communication with our service technicians so that our customers receive prompt satisfaction. When scheduling a service appointment we make every effort to perform that service at the customer's convenience. If our technician is ahead or behind in his schedule, he will make every effort to inform the customer in advance so as not to interfere with any other commitments they may have.
  • Residential, commercial, municipal, athletic
  • Add ons & rebuilds
  • Service on all brands of sprinkler systems
  • Spring Start Up and Winterizations
  • Reprogramming of controllers and head adjustments